About Us – Lynn, Dean and Miriam

Standing in the Gap.

We are volunteer missionaries in Swaziland, Southern Africa.  Swaziland is a small Kingdom near to Mozambique and South Africa.  I am a Nurse / Midwife and my husband, Dean is a carpenter. We have a 5 year old daughter. We volunteer with orphan projects and charities that have short or long term projects they need help with. Our aim is to stand in the gap whilst training someone else locally or to fulfill a short term need. We are sent by our home church, New River Church, Edmonton, London.

Dean has students he trains in wood work so that they may become independent and provide for themselves and their families. Most of the people he trains were not able to complete schooling and so find it hard to get jobs. Education has only been free in Swaziland for the last 10 years and even now is only totally free up to age 10. He also fixes things in the orphanage when required.

I mainly volunteer with 2  NGO’s one that provides health care to rural communities and then the orphanage. None of these organisations receive governmental funding.

The rural communities have no local health facilities and rely on charitable assistance for health care. The needs are great and varied. The orphan projects take in unwanted or abandoned babies and children. Each place takes a different age group and we assist in different ways according to the local needs at that time. I am available for health care advise and we also assist with educational and emotional needs, fun days, obtaining provisions, food donations and clothing and befriending children who have suffered.



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