November Newsletter!

We started at All Nations Christian College in September. It is based in Ware, Hertfordshire and we live on site with the rest of the student community. There are at least 80 students and 12 families, with 27 children living here. We are doing a 10 week intensive course called En Route, it is designed for those working overseas or those preparing to go. There are daytime classes, lots of homework and many weekend trips to various places of worship or cultural belief. (photos below of our International night – we all had to dress in our home or work country and cook food from there).

There are 12 people in our class from 9 different nations. We learn from each other and from the lectures, practical classes and trips. The college offers a wide range of courses varying in length from 1 day to 3 years or beyond. If you are interested here is the link..

As we enter the sixth week of study, the realisation that time is going so quickly sets in. We have learnt so much about ourselves, our ways of learning, about different faiths, cultures and beliefs. This week in particular has covered security and risk issues, how to cope when life is challenging overseas and how to stay calm when a high risk event is happening, whether a natural disaster or man made crisis. It is a good opportunity to reflect on what has happened over the last three years in Swaziland and to consider how we go onward from this point. (below – our All Nations class):

IMG_2464 (2)

Miriam has settled into the local village school. There are 5 other children from college at this school. It took some adjustment to get used to the longer school day and different ways of doing things but she is catching on quickly. It is fascinating to watch the children at All Nations play. Play really is a language of its own, no matter which one happens to be your mother tongue. Believe us there are so many different ones spoken around here!


Above: Miriam in her school’s Harvest Festival

Thank you for your prayers, your interest and your encouragement. We appreciate your interest in what Team Bonsey are up to next!

With our love


2 thoughts on “November Newsletter!

    1. Lovely to hear from you. It is an amazing place to learn. Going to be very hard to leave! Have a very a Happy Christmas 🎄 👑
      With our love xx


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